Streamline Ordering and Manage Costs With FoodTender’s Order Guide

Managing food and supply orders is a tough job. Dealing with multiple suppliers in different ways several times each week chews up hours and hurts productivity. There’s meat, seafood, produce, specialty items, paper goods, cleaning supplies, alcohol and more. For most chefs and managers, it’s the worst part of the job.

With FoodTender’s industry-first Order Guide, there is finally a better way. This easy to configure and easy to use platform will save you up to six hours per week. That’s time that you can invest in making your restaurant better.

This platform lets you manage ordering all your food and supplies through one convenient solution. No more clipboards, post-it notes, faxes, phones calls or texts. It brings the power of technology to the back of the house.

FoodTender lets you reclaim your time. It makes ordering supplies, and ensuring you get what you paid for, easy.

With FoodTender, you can:

  • Centralize orders for all suppliers
  • Create your own customized supplier list
  • Manage costs
  • Avoid all the time-wasting calls, faxes and texts
  • Make it easy for receivers to reconcile deliveries and prices
  • Keep a running history of all your orders

It’s easy to set up and use.

JOIN TODAY and make ordering easier, save time and manage your costs.